Hello Healthy. Goodbye Gross.

July 08, 2020

Hello Healthy. Goodbye Gross. - Ring in the New Year with a new resolution to stay healthy and thriving!

Ring in the New Year with a new resolution to stay healthy and thriving!

If you’re like the 18 million people who set a New Year’s Fitness Resolution in the US, your goal for 2020 is to make a habit of working out and getting healthy. Unfortunately, 80% of people fail at their fitness goal, most by mid-February. Good news: there are ways to rise above these statistics and develop a fitness routine that lasts throughout the year. The first step is preparation, which is why we are sharing some essential products to keep you motivated and moving all year long.

  1. Versatile Gym Bag: Look for plenty of pockets to keep your essentials organized within a practical size.
  2. Bluetooth Sports Headphones: Music is a huge component of a successful workout, so finding the perfect earbuds that fit comfortably will make all the difference.
  3. Water Bottle: Stay hydrated with a travel bottle that keeps your water cold, but is also easy to clean.
  4. Yoga Mat & Yoga Towel: Yoga is not only a great workout, but is also a great way to clear your mind after a challenging day.
  5. Protein Shake: Staying fit isn’t just about your workout, but your diet as well. Choose a healthy protein bar to stay energized and healthy.
  6. Hair Tie: When you have long hair, a good ponytail holder is critical for an uninterrupted workout. Choose one that will not slip or cause breakage.
  7. Cleansing Wipes: For those days where showering after a workout isn’t an option, cleansing wipes can provide the refreshing feeling you need.
  8. Deodorant: A must-have for any workout to stay smelling fresh during and after the sweat session.
  9. Hand Sanitizer: Gyms can be very dirty breeding ground for bacteria and germs, so protect yourself during and after your workout.
  10. Gym Bag & Fitness Odor Eliminator: Many people spend their hard-earned money on great fitness equipment and clothing, but not much is offered to keep your investment smelling fresh and staying bacteria-free. pureAir SPORT offers an easy solution to keeping your fitness bag and all of its contents smelling clean after every workout.

pureAir SPORT is an innovative new addition to the fitness market. Designed by a team of engineers in the United States, it is the perfect solution to smelly workout bags, shoes, clothes, and equipment. The applications are endless from youth basketball or hockey bags to fishing or hunting bags and everything in between. If you have a smelly bag, pureAir SPORT is the solution you need.

pureAir SPORT is incredibly simple to use. The simple rugged design can be turned on with the touch of one button and tossed into your sports bag emitting up to four hours of wireless purification (or more if you use it while plugged in!) After just one four hour session you will be amazed by how fresh your bag and its contents will smell. The lithium-ion battery quickly recharges for more on-the-go odor protection.

Eliminating odor is the most noticeable benefit of pureAir SPORT, but this powerful protector is doing so much more. It’s actually destroying the odors, mold, mildew, and other yucky things that CAUSE the odors, maintaining a healthier environment for you or your loved ones.

Start 2020 off with a New Year’s fitness resolution that will last by preparing for success… don’t forget to keep your workout clean and fresh with pureAir SPORT!

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