OMNI: Commercial Air Purification System

Continuous Purification, Improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Creating a Healthier Environment.

Cost-effective for food safety and other commercial applications, OMNI deactivates microorganisms and odor-causing bacteria.

Features Active Radiant Catalysis, or ARC®, a proprietary form of photocatalytic oxidation that uses a powerful broad-spectrum UV lamp to activate a quad-metallic catalyst, turning moisture into  advanced oxidation products, or AOPs.

With a reactive surface area 16x greater than the competition, our commercial air purification system continuously purifies your space. The result is the significant reduction of odors caused by mold, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds as well as the reduction of allergens such as those caused by dust, pollen, or pet dander.

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  • Continuous Purification
  • Reduces Odors
  • Improves Food Safety and Shelf Life


  • Convenient Wall Mounting and Glowing Operating Window
  • Optional Ported Blower Plate and Hoses
  • Sleek and Easy to Maintain with Replaceable ARC® Cell


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