The Anatomy of the World’s Smartest Filter

Great Filtration.
Easy on your system.
Our MERV 11 filters have a similar pressure drop to a mechanical MERV 8 filter.
We give you 2 filters in 1, filtering both particulate & gas-phase elements.



Greentech Filter+

  • Uses less material
  • Low pressure drop
  • Maintains MERV ratings for the life of the filter
  • Patented & Proprietary
  • Eliminates odor & VOCs at the molecular level
  • High capacity
  • More efficient
  • More Eco-friendly

We start with a superior filter and build around it.

Did you know that most filters on the market fall short of maintaining their MERV rating throughout their lifespan?

Unlike other high-efficiency filters that rely on temporary static charges to boost performance, our filters utilize cutting-edge advancements.

We’ve perfected the science behind our filters by incorporating nanofiber with superior nonwoven material. This means we achieve the desired MERV rating without artificially inflating efficiencies or resorting to static charges. Now can achieve true actual MERV rating throughout the filter’s lifespan.

Superior Filter

  • Greentech filters are high capacity, meaning we use 50% more media than typical standard capacity filters: this provides you with more particle-holding capacity.
  • Filter media is fully glued along the edges to ensure no by-pass inside the filter frame.
  • Moisture-resistant beverage board frame with structure lattice on both sides of the filter to help ensure the integrity of the filter during its useful life.
  • Our nanofiber material is 100% made in the USA.

The ODOGard Diference

  • The ODOGard filter treatment is a patented blend of sulfonamides & food grade ingredients coated on the filter media to bond with VOCs and malodorous elements. The coating has a non-toxic rating for oral, dermal, and inhalation.
  • Sulfonamides are compounds with a wide range of uses, such as fungicides, biocides, odor control agents, and medication intermediate.
  • ODOGard is not any form of carbon, citric acid, enzymes, cyclodextrin, potassium iodine, copper sulfate, zinc ricinolate, or nanoparticles of silver, copper, or nickel.
  • Our ODOGard coating is 100% made in the USA.

The only Nanofiber filter with ODOGard patented technology

  • Using nanofiber gives us a mechanical MERV-rated filter with the low pressure drop commonly associated with electrostatic filters.
  • Nanofiber eliminates the negative issues associated with electrostatic filters, such as aerosols, humidity and fine particles discharging or blocking the electrostatic charge and making it ineffective.
  • Nanofiber uses up to 70% less plastic material to create the same MERV rating as traditional or electrostatic filters.
  • The ODOGard coating makes Greentech Filters+ provides the advantages of a 2-in-1 filter: A high MERV-rated filter plus the advantages of gas phase reductions for odors and volatile organic compounds.
  • Our filters have many advantages over traditional carbon filters, including how ODOGard creates a molecular bond with odors and VOCs and destroys them; carbon filters absorb these gas phase elements that can later be released.

Series 990 Filters

  •  Ideal for Commercial use in schools, office buildings, hotels, medical facilities
  •  Commercial grade filters for the home

Series 3500 Filters

  •  Ideal for indoor cultivation facilities, where odors from terpenes and VOCs from cleaning agents, pesticides & herbicides are present

  • Industrial applications where VOCs and odors are not controlled with pollution control devices.