Superior Filter

  • Greentech filters are high capacity, meaning we use 50% more media than typical┬ástandard capacity filters: this provides you with more particle-holding capacity.
  • Filter media is fully glued along the edges to ensure no by-pass inside the filter frame.
  • Moisture-resistant beverage board frame with structure lattice on both sides of the filter┬áto help ensure the integrity of the filter during its useful life.
  • Our nanofiber material is 100% made in the USA.

The ODOGard Diference

  • The ODOGard filter treatment is a patented blend of sulfonamides & food grade ingredients coated on the filter media to bond with VOCs and malodorous elements. The coating has a non-toxic rating for oral, dermal, and inhalation.
  • Sulfonamides are compounds with a wide range of uses, such as fungicides, biocides, odor control agents, and medication intermediate.
  • ODOGard is not any form of carbon, citric acid, enzymes, cyclodextrin, potassium iodine, copper sulfate, zinc ricinolate, or nanoparticles of silver, copper, or nickel.
  • Our ODOGard coating is 100% made in the USA.