The only Nanofiber filter with ODOGard patented technology

  • Using nanofiber gives us a mechanical MERV-rated filter with the low pressure drop commonly associated with electrostatic filters.
  • Nanofiber eliminates the negative issues associated with electrostatic filters, such as aerosols, humidity and fine particles discharging or blocking the electrostatic charge and making it ineffective.
  • Nanofiber uses up to 70% less plastic material to create the same MERV rating as traditional or electrostatic filters.
  • The ODOGard coating makes Greentech Filters+ provides the advantages of a 2-in-1 filter: A high MERV-rated filter plus the advantages of gas phase reductions for odors and volatile organic compounds.
  • Our filters have many advantages over traditional carbon filters, including how ODOGard creates a molecular bond with odors and VOCs and destroys them; carbon filters absorb these gas phase elements that can later be released.