About GreenTech Environmental

For more than a decade, GreenTech Environmental has been on a mission to use the latest technologies to solve indoor air problems, removing pollutants and improving the spaces where we live, work and play. Indoor air can be filled with up to 10x more pollutants than the air we breathe outside. Allergens, bacteria, and odors are just a few things flying about and ready to cause problems. Left untreated, these problems can cause long-term health problems, absenteeism, reduced productivity and other issues.

GreenTech uses science found in nature to attack these pollutants for improved indoor air quality. Our tested technology has helped purify, freshen and clean environments of all sizes, from small rooms to large buildings to personal spaces, without the use of expensive cleaning supplies or chemicals. The GreenTech difference is Active Air Purification, and how we use it with the latest technologies available for continuous, 24/7 purification. No matter where you are, no matter the size of your space, you’ll find the perfect solution from GreenTech Environmental.


Allen Johnston, Founder

Meet Our Founder & CTO - Allen Johnston
Allen Johnston founded GreenTech Environmental with a personal commitment to create environmentally friendly products that improve health and quality of life. He began a successful career at Hughes Aircraft and then moved to Raytheon Missile Systems, serving as Test Program Manager for the next-generation anti-ballistic missile defense system for the United States. Today, Allen uses his talents to realize his vision of improving indoor air quality around the world.


Meet Our CEO - Brandon Taylor
Following a Nationwide search, GreenTech Environmental announces Brandon Taylor as its new CEO. Taylor joined GreenTech Environmental in 2019 as CFO/COO. Prior to joining GreenTech, Taylor held several management roles in multinational energy organizations. Taylor’s leadership helped make 2020 GreenTech Environmental’s most successful year in the company’s history so far.