purePower PROTECT Energy Management System

Utility companies recommend whole-home surge protection for all homeowners. Did you know that the electricity running through your home has the potential to be more efficient? Your expensive appliances and electronics could last longer and perform better than they ever have before. If you have invested in newer appliances, computers, or home theater equipment that are vulnerable to damage or are interested in saving money on your electrical bill, purePower PROTECT is the smartest decision you can make.

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Surge Protection

The first line of defense and more well-known feature of purePower PROTECT is its UL 1449 Certified (4th Edition) surge protection with built-in MOVs. While most power conditioners only have a couple of MOVs, purePower PROTECT is built with a total of 10, which provides protection in 6 different ways (L1-G, L2-G, L1-N, L2-N, N-G, L1-L2). With these extra MOVs, purePower PROTECT is able to offer the safest guard against surges and spikes, both internal and external. 

Harmonic Filtration

Electronics and appliances in the home, as well as CFL and LED lighting, utilize switching power supplies, which generate high frequency "noise." When multiple electronics, appliances, and lighting are used, the significant levels of noise that are created can actually damage the very same electronics, appliances, and lighting that have created it. In order to protect these investments and extend their life, purePower PROTECT utilizes EMI and RFI filtration, which reduces the noise and provides cleaner power to all electrical devices in the home.

Power Factor Optimization

Every motor running in a home requires KVAR, otherwise known as reactive current, to run. This reactive current can lead to poor power factor and electrical system inefficiency. purePower PROTECT improves the efficiency of a home's electrical system by first improving the quality of power coming in and putting it "in phase" with the draw of the power in the home. Power Factor Optimization leads to energy savings through reduced line losses, reduced switching losses, and reduced coupling losses.

10-Year Warranty

If purePower PROTECT fails, for any reason, we will replace it for the first 10 years.

$100,000 Insurance

If a surge from your utility reaches your electronics or appliances, we will pay for them up to $100,000.

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