pureWater ALKALINE Ti Water Ionizer

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Helps Balance pH Levels
Cleans and Disinfects
Promotes Healthy Aging
Viewable LCD Screen
Super-Hydrates Your Body Cleanses Your Face and Skin


If you often feel tired or lethargic or suffer from frequent illnesses and pain, your body may be too acidic. What you eat, drink, put on your skin, the quality of the air you breathe, the exercise you do, and even the thoughts you think can all contribute to your body's acidity. Most people are too acidic, which drains their energy and causes illness and disease. pureWater Alkaline balances your body's pH level by adding healthy amounts of alkaline water, keeping your body in a balanced alkaline state and boosting your immune system.

pureWater Alkaline is a plentiful source of antioxidants that prevent oxidation in the body by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals cause cellular and DNA damage in the body, leading to aging and the onset of various diseases. pureWater Alkaline produces a negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), which is the electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down oxidation.

Water molecules come in clusters rather than single molecules. Tap water has very large clusters of 15-20 molecules. pureWater Alkaline’s ionization process breaks the electrical bonding of water molecules and restructures the water down to about 4-5 molecules per cluster. This helps the body to more easily absorb
the water into the cells, providing superior hydration allowing the body to dissolve and flush out acidic waste and toxins.

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