Refurbished pureFlow CIRCULATOR Multi-Directional Oscillating Fan

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Like new products backed by a one-year warranty and the GreenTech Certified Refurbished promise.

Your family will be a fan of this fan and its endless possibilities. pureFlow CIRCULATOR offers 11 height settings, 12 fan speeds, and horizontal and vertical oscillation. It cools effectively with unique dual-blade technology, producing 7 times more air volume than a traditional fan while still consuming minimal energy. 

Simultaneous or independent oscillation

With the touch of a button, the fan will rotate 90° horizontally. Another button will rotate the fan 105° vertically. Select both oscillations together and the fan will change directions freely, circulating air throughout the entire room.

Innovative settings

The “Nature” setting moves air around the room at different speeds and directions, like an outdoor breeze. The “Night” setting reduces fan noise to a whisper for a peaceful rest while still maintaining a calm, comfortable breeze.

Dramatic airflow

One strong airstream that can travel up to 50 feet is formed by double-structure blade technology producing two different airspeeds that rotate together. 


And for super silent operation, “Night” mode provides a quiet, peaceful, sustained cool breeze without intruding on your rest. 

Energy efficient

Built to reduce power usage and increase airflow. Using as little as 2 watts, it provides up to 7 times the air volume of a traditional fan.