World’s Smartest Filter

World’s Smartest Filter

World’s Smartest Filter

Our Breakthrough:
ODOGard Infused Air Filters

At Greentech, we’ve redefined air filtration with our revolutionary air filters infused with the proprietary substance, ODOGard. It’s the only filter that eliminates at the molecular level but that’s just the start of what makes ours the world’s smartest filter.

We’ve built the world’s smartest air filter, here’s how to understand the technology:

The Art of Embedding

Innovatively embedding ODOGard into our nanofibers marks a milestone in filter technology. The intricate fusion of ODOGard within the core structure sets our filters apart. Unlike superficial coatings, this infusion deeply enhances performance and durability, establishing a robust connection that significantly elevates the efficiency of our products.

Decoding MERV Ratings

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) measures a filter’s effectiveness in capturing airborne particles. Traditional, the higher the MERV rating the higher the filtration, however high MERV ratings put a greater strain on the HVAC system, until now. Our revolutionary new filter solves the problem of having to sacrifice efficiency to achieve greater filtration.

Enhanced Performance

MERV 11/11A and 13/13A rated filters are designed to provide high-efficiency particle capture, with the ‘A’ suffixed rating serving as a safeguard against misleading marketing practices. The addition of ‘A’ signifies elevated performance and ensures that the specified “actual” rating is delivered, countering any attempts by manufacturers to exaggerate MERV ratings. Choosing a filter with an ‘A’ designation guarantees superior filtration performance, leading to cleaner air in the environment.

Mechanical vs. Electrostatic Filters

Mechanical filters utilize physical barriers to trap particles, while electrostatic filters employ an electric charge to attract and capture contaminants. However, it’s crucial to note that electrostatic filters rapidly lose their charge in humid environments. To address this limitation, our Nanofiber filters with ODOGard are mechanical filters that act like electrostatic filters. This innovative approach ensures optimal results, providing effective particle capture while maintaining consistent performance even in humid conditions.

High Capacity vs. Standard Filters

High-capacity filters elevate filtration efficacy by holding more contaminants without compromising airflow, unlike standard filters. Their heightened performance is attributed to a higher number of pleats, providing a greater surface area for capturing particles.

Carbon Filters vs. Pleated Filters

Carbon filters excel in odor and gas removal, while pleated filters offer an extended surface area for particle capture. However, it’s important to note that carbon filters absorb humidity quickly, making them less effective in humid environments. In contrast, our MERV 11/11A and MERV 13/13A (coming soon) filters not only excel in particle capture but also absorb odors more effectively than carbon filters without absorbing moisture.

The Power of Nanofiber with ODOGard

Great filtration with less stress on your system.

Our high-performance air filters are engineered with cutting-edge technology to enhance your indoor air quality seamlessly. Our MERV 11/11A and MERV 13/13A filters stand out with a remarkable advantage – they effectively filter air to their designated ratings while maintaining a significantly lower pressure drop compared to conventional filters. Our proprietary technology ensures superior filtration without overburdening your system, offering exceptional air quality with reduced strain, resulting in a more efficient and stress-free operation for your environment. Experience top-tier filtration capabilities without compromise.

ASHRAE 52.2 Test Data

Greentech Filters+ Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate

At Greentech, we’re committed to delivering superior air quality solutions. Trust our ODOGard-infused Nanofiber filters to revolutionize your air purification needs.