MERV 11A Filters:
Optimal Filtration, Minimal System Impact

As the demand for superior filtration rises, Greentech emerges as a frontrunner in providing solutions that go beyond conventional expectations. With a pressure drop matching MERV 8, our MERV 11A filters offer optimal filtration without compromising your HVAC system’s efficiency. Greentech leads the way in balancing performance and system well-being.

Unlock Advanced Filtration with MERV 11A Filters by Greentech

In the realm of HVAC solutions, Greentech continues to redefine industry standards with our innovative MERV 11A filters. These filters, boasting a pressure drop equivalent to MERV 8, showcase our commitment to superior performance and system care. Explore a new era in filtration efficiency—opt for Greentech and experience the next level of HVAC technology.

Innovative Technology: MERV 11A Filters Redefined

Discover the revolutionary technology behind Greentech’s MERV 11A filters—an ingenious combination of advanced nanofiber engineering and our exclusive ODOGard treatment. This groundbreaking synergy achieves the perfect harmony between mechanical and electrostatic filtration, setting our filters apart in the competitive landscape.

Comprehensive Filtration: Addressing Indoor Air Quality Challenges

Greentech’s MERV 11A filters don’t just stop at particle capture; they address indoor air quality challenges comprehensively. These filters effectively capture and eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odors at a molecular level, ensuring a pristine and healthier indoor environment. Experience the holistic approach to filtration with Greentech.

Embrace the future of HVAC filtration with Greentech’s pioneering MERV 11A filters. Say goodbye to system strain, frequent breakdowns, and exorbitant maintenance costs. Elevate your air quality while preserving your HVAC infrastructure—experience the Greentech advantage today.

Nano Fiber & ODOGard: Elevating Performance to New Heights

At the core of our MERV 11A innovation lies the powerful combination of nanofiber technology and ODOGard treatment. This dynamic duo empowers our filters to capture minute particles efficiently while maintaining a minimal pressure drop. The result is MERV 11A filters that operate at peak efficiency, offering unmatched performance with minimal impact on your HVAC system—ushering in a new era of filtration excellence.

Test Results Don’t Lie

ASHRAE 52.2 Test Data

Greentech Filters+ Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate