Only ODOGard® Eliminates Odors at the Molecular Level

Only ODOGard® Eliminates Odors at the Molecular Level

ODOGard® is game-changing technology.

Only ODOGard® treated filters are the safe and effective way to destroy odors and volatile organic compounds at the molecular level.

Our filters not only maximize airflow without making the unit work harder but also go beyond mere trapping. ODOGard, our advanced technology, forms bonds with contaminants, inducing molecular changes that render them inert. This means that particulates as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, allergens, mold, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and virus carriers, are not only trapped but eliminated at a molecular level. As a result, these contaminants won’t return to the airspace, ensuring that you can breathe not only fresh and clean air but also odorless air, thanks to the transformative power of ODOGard.

How ODOGard® Works

ODOGard is proven technology that attaches to a volatile organic compound or odor molecule.

When bonded to the molecule, ODOGard changes its molecular structure, eliminating the odor molecule and the odor forever, like it was never there.

Perfection in the Process

We’re constantly working with our manufacturer to improve the ODOGard application process. This helps us create a product that keeps up with the toughest environments.

Our filters permanently change odor and VOC molecules into inert substances, making them vanish from your environment. No more dealing with unpleasant odors. ODOGard is 100% non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Instead of coating, we embed ODOGard into the nanofiber. This process allows ODOGard to make up roughly 50% of the nanofiber polymer’s weight but it also becomes a less noticeable application, with ODOGard’s presence only being shown by a chemical reaction or titration.


ODOGard is embedded directly into the nanofiber for better coverage and performance.

What does ODOGard® treat?

What does ODOGard® treat?

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