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As MERV 13A filters take the spotlight, Greentech’s innovation surpasses conventional standards. Our nanofiber filters, paired with our proprietary ODOGard, create filters that operate like MERV 13A but perform with the air resistance of MERV 9 filters. Experience a new standard in efficiency and system care—choose Greentech for unmatched HVAC filtration.

MERV 13A Filtration, Less System Strain with Greentech Filters with ODOGard®.

In the ever-evolving landscape of HVAC technology, a critical shift has emerged, exemplified by the mandatory adoption of MERV 13A filters in various government agencies and educational institutions, mirroring the standards set by California’s Title 24. While these filters excel in capturing minute particulate matter, they often come at a cost—straining HVAC systems due to increased air resistance. Greentech presents a groundbreaking solution, redefining the very essence of MERV 13A filtration to deliver superior performance with reduced stress on your HVAC system.

Greentech’s Innovation: The Game-Changing Filters:

Greentech stands apart with its revolutionary MERV 13A filters, engineered to transcend these limitations. Our secret lies in the fusion of nanofiber technology with our proprietary ODOGard treatment, a game-changing approach that combines the best of mechanical and electrostatic filtration.

Beyond Filtration: Eliminating VOCs and Odors at the Molecular Level

Not stopping at particle filtration, Greentech’s filters transcend conventional boundaries by being the sole solution that not only captures Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odors but annihilates them at their molecular level. This added functionality ensures a cleaner, healthier indoor environment, going beyond mere filtration.

Embrace the future of HVAC filtration with Greentech’s pioneering MERV 13A filters. Say goodbye to system strain, frequent breakdowns, and exorbitant maintenance costs. Elevate your air quality while preserving your HVAC infrastructure—experience the Greentech advantage today.

Nanofiber & ODOGard: Unveiling Unmatched Performance:

At the heart of our innovation lies nanofiber enhanced with ODOGard, a fusion that empowers our filters to efficiently capture minuscule particles while exhibiting an low pressure drop. In essence, our MERV 13A filters operate akin to their counterparts yet bear the air resistance equivalence of MERV 9 filters—delivering unparalleled efficiency without burdening your HVAC system.

Test Results Don’t Lie

ASHRAE 52.2 Test Data

Greentech Filters+ Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate