Prepare for spring and summer travel.  

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. The days are getting warmer and longer, and many people have already booked their next vacation.

For owners of short- and long-term rentals, timeshares and hotels, seasonal changes add to the constant battle of maintaining high-level indoor air quality solutions that keep rooms odorless, pleasant, and truly clean.

Removing lingering human and pet odors, including smells from cooking and poorly kept laundry, is even more challenging in the spring and summer when humidity leads to less air circulation, particularly in indoor residential spaces.

The burden of a bad-smelling room in hospitality is financial since it requires additional cleaning and potential revenue losses when a room is out of service. Odors have a major impact on guest experience, health, and safety, and can be a deciding factor in a return stay or visit.  

Indoor air quality challenges.  

Post-pandemic, improving indoor air quality is certainly a priority for the hospitality industry. But it comes with challenges:  

  • Odors: Masking odors with scents doesn’t work, or clean the air, and can leave a lasting, negative impression. 
  • Chemicals/contaminants: Off-gassing of cleaning solutions, fresh paint, and other chemicals can be dangerous to human health. 
  • Ongoing air purity issues: Dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen are consistently present in indoor air and on surfaces and worsen with seasonal changes in humidity. 

The solution? Find the right filter.  

Truly cleaning the air comes down to implementing the right smart filter to eliminate odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the molecular level, rather than masking them with fragrances and pollutants.

One in four people in the United States reports a sensitivity to chemicals including fragranced air fresheners, cleaning supplies, laundry products, insect spray, and petrochemical fumes. And the growing prevalence of chemical sensitivity has increased alongside an abundant use of irritants and harsh chemicals in cleaning processes for residential and commercial spaces.

By eliminating odors at the molecular level, guests are protected against poor indoor air quality and potential health risks including migraines, dizziness, breathing difficulties, and heart problems. 

The future of air quality in hospitality.  

Today, clean air is a must-have amenity that improves owner ratings and meets quality standards. Don’t have it and you can say goodbye to returning guests. 

In addition to a premium guest experience and enhanced comfort, Greentech filters with ODOGard® help with:  

  • Efficiency: The low-pressure drop design means your current HVAC system operates more efficiently.  
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly air filters use materials with less synthetic material and yield less waste (your eco-friendly guests will love this).  
  • Revenue savings: The filter’s efficiency translates to savings on energy, maintenance, and HVAC repairs, optimizing your operational budget. Plus, with complete odor elimination, it minimizes out-of-service rooms due to cleanliness and odor issues. 

Greentech filters with ODOGard®  are the only filters that remove odors at the molecular level. The filters uniquely combine two technologies, nanofiber and ODOGard®, to clean the air with the dual benefits of a mechanical filter—capable of removing particulates like any other MERV-13A filter with reduced pressure—and a gas-phase filter, which eliminates odors and other VOCs at the molecular level.  

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